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The Music Settlement Selects SureImpact to Measure the Impact of Music Experiences

COLUMBUS, Ohio, October 4, 2022SureImpact, Inc., an Ohio-based software company, announced today that it has been chosen by The Music Settlement to help the nonprofit both measure and manage the impact of their life-enhancing music and arts experiences on all ages and abilities, and demonstrate their unique value to funders and other stakeholder groups.

The Music Settlement (TMS) has been a community anchor in Cleveland since 1912. In that time, TMS has grown to one of the largest schools of its kind in the United States, serving thousands of students annually. Their innovative, research-based music experiences connect Cleveland’s East and West side and make a positive impact on individuals of all ages and abilities within their communities.

“The goal of The Music Settlement is to unlock the potential in everyone through music, movement, and art,” said Geralyn Presti, president and CEO of TMS.” Presti continued, “As we seek to continually innovate our services to meet the evolving needs of our communities, our partnership with SureImpact will play a key role in demonstrating that we are delivering efficient, equitable, and financially sustainable results.”

“We are honored to partner with an innovative leader in music and creative arts education who has played such an important role in Ohio for more than a century,” commented Sheri Chaney Jones, president and founder of SureImpact.” Chaney Jones continued, “SureImpact will give The Music Settlement the insights they need to ensure the quality and relevancy of their programs and share a powerful story about their social impact.”

SureImpact is the only impact management and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers and their funders. SureImpact combines case management and impact management, helping mission-driven professionals move beyond simply measuring what they did (outputs) to how individuals, families, and communities are better off (outcomes and impact).

The Music Settlement welcomes all to their music and arts community to learn, create, inspire, and heal. Regardless of age, background, artistic ability, or economic circumstance, we are improving the quality of life for all those we serve and building healthy, thriving communities through innovative arts programming in our three Centers: Music Instruction, Early Childhood, and Music Therapy.

Media Inquiries:

Laurel Rodriguez Director of Marketing SureImpact, Inc.


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