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Drive Maximum Impact Across Your Grantee Network

What if your grant reporting platform allowed you to demonstrate your collective impact and social return on investment?

Funders have the great responsibility and challenge of gathering and analyzing large quantities of information in order to ensure maximum impact across the community.


SureImpact provides a way for funders to understand the extent of the change they are making through their investments, and how they can improve each step of the way – while connecting their entire social sector ecosystem.


With SureImpact, funders can standardize the data collection requirements for the whole network, increasing data quality and simplifying grant reporting.


Empower your grantees to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of their entire organization by joining the SureImpact community.

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Better Understand Your Collective Impact-01.png


Measure your network and agency-level impact year-over-year to see progress over time

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Data entered at the grantee level automatically rolls up into the funder dashboard, providing real-time insights into the grantee’s outcomes

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Simplify the process for determining which grantee drives the most impact

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Easy access to data that enables funders to identify areas of improvement and provide additional support

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Your Unique Outcome

SureImpact Analytics

SureImpact Analytics brings real-time participant and program insights directly into the SureImpact platform. SureImpact Analytics powers impactful, data-driven decisions, making it simpler and faster to automatically deliver purposeful insights to your whole team. This quick access to actionable insights will enable you to change more lives than ever before.

SureImpact Analytics automatically takes the client demographic, activity, and outcome data collected by case managers and other frontline staff and displays it in one central location for easy visualization. Whether you are an executive director, program manager, grant manager, or case manager, SureImpact Analytics gives you insights to improve your programs and increase your social impact.

“As a funder that is investing in over 60 programmatic partnerships across the country, it is important to have access to real-time data. Having access to the data at the client level as well as regional level allows us to analyze results and turn that information into learning opportunities that can be shared across our network. With SureImpact, our process is streamlined and we have much more confidence in our reporting and data."  

Kimberly Habash Dorniden

President & National Executive Director

The Siemer Institute

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