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Measure & Communicate Your Social Impact

SureImpact is the only impact management and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers and their funders. SureImpact takes service coordination to a new level, helping mission-driven professionals move beyond simply measuring what they did (outputs) to how individuals, families, and communities are better off (outcomes and impact).

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What is Impact Management?

Impact Management software takes case management to a new level. In addition to meeting all of your case management and compliance needs, Impact Management software helps direct service providers measure short, medium, and long-term outcomes on an individual, program, and organizational level.

Case Management Plus Impact Management Software: You Need Both

Impact Management software gives you the data you need to prove your clients are better off because of the work you are doing. If you want to be able to demonstrate that you are delivering efficient, equitable, and financially sustainable results, you need a solution that offers case management and impact management.

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Impact-centric Organizations Choose SureImpact

SureImpact enables you to improve client outcomes, increase staff efficiency, demonstrate your impact story, and increase the sustainability and effectiveness of your organization.

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The Ultimate Guide to Impact Measurement

A Step-by-Step Guide for Leveraging Technology to Track, Measure, and Communicate Your Unique Impact. 

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