Measure & Communicate Your Social Impact

SureImpact is the only impact management and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers and their funders. SureImpact takes case management to a new level, helping mission-driven professionals move beyond simply measuring what they did (outputs) to how individuals, families, and communities are better off (outcomes and impact).


SureImpact provides an intuitive user experience that requires little to no training so you can spend your time on the things that really move the needle. SureImpact can easily connect all programs and organizations and provide a holistic view of client and program outcomes, all in one location.

"SureImpact is very efficient and easy to navigate. I was able to catch where I had missed entering some notes because each note is so clearly marked that a gap was readily apparent. I would have completely missed that in the old system that we used. "

Abby Bell
Case Manager
United Way of Central Alabama


SureImpact connects all organizations in a social-sector network and provides a holistic view of client, program, and organizational outcomes and impact, all in one location. SureImpact drives the alignment between actions, outcomes, and measurement with a powerful case management platform that thinks like an outcomes generator.


SureImpact delivers enterprise-level security at a price you can afford. SureImpact is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, a secure SaaS platform that meets multiple U.S. and international standards for data storage, access, and transmission. SureImpact uses a role-based security model to control access to your organization’s data.

Meet SureImpact

SureImpact provides a cloud-based data collection and reporting solution that empowers mission-driven organizations to more easily track, manage, and communicate their unique social impact. From non-profit organizations and foundations to government agencies and social enterprises, SureImpact equips social-sector organizations to navigate the complexities of realizing positive social change through innovation and insights. Together, SureImpact and our clients are driving maximum impact in communities across the country.


SureImpact was built for the social sector by people who have been working in the government, nonprofit, and collective impact initiatives for over twenty years and have a deep understanding of the unique needs of social-sector organizations and their funders. SureImpact is specifically designed to help  social-sector networks capture invaluable insights that can be used to enhance the delivery of mission-critical services, engage communities, and increase trust among constituents.


Whether you are part of a single social-sector organization or a cross-sector collaborative with a centralized infrastructure, SureImpact enables you to collect, manage, and share outcomes and impact data. Social-service organizations should be able to clearly understand their impact and how they are moving the needle for the social determinants of health, and have the capacity to absorb and make effective use of funding. Funders and boards should understand how their investments align with their mission and be able to prove the social impact and return on investment for their donors and investors.

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We value our partners. SureImpact partners share our passion for empowering mission-driven organizations to manage, measure, and communicate their unique social impact.


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