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Join us in empowering the social-good ecosystem with purpose-built technology. 

Learn About Our Strategic Partners

SureImpact is passionate about creating long-term social change. We are proud to partner with other companies in the for-impact technology and consulting space as we work together to help individuals, families, and communities thrive.

Become a SureImpact Strategic Partner


Altruous is an impact discovery, funding, and management platform for the next generation of philanthropists. We work collaboratively with social good organizations to evaluate their program impact and future potential, and proactively recommend those programs to aligned funders for their consideration. 

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Auctria is the powerful engine to organize and run your event and auction fundraiser. In person event, or online, from the first donation to the final collection, you can focus on maximizing your fundraising. Stay on top of the details for all your auction items, including tickets, tables and raffle prizes. Auctria creates a flexible auction website for your event. Use this for full online bidding, or to promote the event & handle ticket sales & registration.

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Civic Champs

Civic Champs is an intuitive and impactful volunteer management software for nonprofits. Civic Champs helps nonprofits of all sizes track, manage, and engage volunteers, reducing manual work for volunteer professionals by 80%.


Grants 4 Good - All About Grant Writing

Grants4Good helps nonprofit organizations and businesses find and get millions of dollars for programs via private coaching, customized grant writing training, and our online course, All About Grant Writing.



Instrumentl is the institutional fundraising platform. Bring your grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place to save 3 hours a week and increase grant application output by 78% within a year. Thousands of nonprofits trust Instrumentl for organizing and scaling their grant-seeking efforts.



JD Levy & Associates is a deeply relational nonprofit consulting firm working in areas of board development, fundraising sustainability, organizational transition and change, and beyond. We build organizational culture through relationships and systems to enable people to realize their God-given potential, empowering them one at a time to transform the world.

JDLA Logo Wix-01.png

Measurement Resources

Measurement Resources helps purpose-driven organizations gather and use the right data to change actions, outcomes, and lives. Contact Measurement Resources Company today to learn more about creating your Measurement Framework and data collection strategy.



Want to tell great stories? MemoryFox is a technology solution that helps nonprofits collect, organize, and share stories directly from their community.


Merit Nonprofit Professional Development

The Nonprofit Help Center offers capacity assessment and capacity building support to nonprofits nationwide through our signature learning platform, Merit® Nonprofit Professional Development. Merit® offers over 250 interactive microlearning courses designed to help nonprofit professionals at all levels strengthen their skills in various areas such as fundraising, board development, and strategic planning. 

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Nonprofit.Courses provides you with a wide variety of education and training opportunities to strengthen your nonprofit. Nonprofit.Courses helps you access thousands of online nonprofit training courses, assisting your staff, board members, and volunteers thrive in their roles - moving your mission forward!

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POINT is a collaborative volunteer impact platform. POINT's app and cloud-based volunteer management dashboard helps your organization to find and manage volunteers.



Rev1 is a unique investor startup studio that helps startups scale and corporates innovate. This is much more than funding—we provide the guidance, connections, and space they need to bring their ideas to market.


Social Impact Solutions

Social Impact Solutions exists to help organizations measure and market their value. If you are looking to increase your organization's funding, Social Impact Solutions can help you with Impact Reports, Marketing Strategy Sessions, and    Impact Strategy Sessions.

In the meantime, take the Social Impact Solution's fundraising quiz to see where your organization is excelling and where there is room for growth!

Social Impact Solutions Logo Wix-01-01.png


StoryConnect aids individuals and organizations with a variety of social impact services. We provide short-term connection-based consultancy called "connection calls" as well as providing design insight and frameworks to optimize gatherings, and network architecture design to optimize your assets.

Story Connect Logo-01.png


Yearly makes it fun and easy to design your own annual and impact reports with engaging features. We believe nonprofits can make a lasting change in their community by showcasing their impact through online storytelling and donor engagement.

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