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The Siemer Institute

The Siemer Institute is a national foundation that oversees a network focused on a two-generation approach to providing comprehensive services that stabilize families in their homes while keeping children in school. The Siemer Institute partnered with SureImpact to establish shared outcome measures across the network and increase the data capacity of their partner organizations and give them visibility into their own outcomes.

Kimberly Habash Dorniden, President & National Executive Director of the Siemer Institute shared “As a funder that is investing in over 60 programmatic partnerships across the country, it is important to have access to real-time data. Having access to the data at the client level as well as regional level allows us to analyze results and turn that information into learning opportunities that can be shared across our network.”

SureImpact has given the Siemer Institute network-wide insights, including how many families served, what services are received, and how family stability is improving. After over eighteen months of the network using SureImpact, there is preliminary data showing most families engaged with the Siemer Institute programs showed significant changes in self-sufficiency from program entry to program exit. The greatest programmatic improvements over time were observed in the areas of basic needs, community support, housing stability, and financial self-sufficiency.

Download the full Siemer Institute case study.


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