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Move to PROSPER Selects SureImpact to Improve Economic Mobility for Single Moms

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 20, 2022—SureImpact, Inc., a Columbus-based software company, announced today that it has been chosen by Move to PROSPER to help the organization measure and manage their impact and demonstrate their unique value to funders and other stakeholder groups.

Move to PROSPER is a three-year program in Central Ohio that makes affordable rental housing available to single moms in neighborhoods that offer access to opportunities, such as higher-resourced schools, safer neighborhoods, and employment. Life coaches assist program participants in increasing their personal, educational, health, and employment stability.

“Healthy housing in a safe neighborhood decreases stress for mothers and children and enables them to create a foundation of success,” said Amy Klaben, Move to PROSPER co-founder and CEO. “The insights available in SureImpact will enable us to understand and communicate to our donors and community stakeholders about participant improvements in areas such as health, child development, financial security, employment stability, and income.”

“Research shows that children who live in stable households in higher-resourced neighborhoods for even a few years before reaching age 13 have improved long-term life outcomes,” said Sheri Chaney Jones, president and founder of SureImpact. Jones continued, “SureImpact will enable Move to PROSPER to simplify the process for measuring and sharing individual and family life outcomes and their impact on Central Ohio.”

About SureImpact

SureImpact is the only impact management and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers and their funders. SureImpact takes service coordination to a new level, helping mission-driven professionals move beyond simply measuring what they did (outputs) to how individuals, families, and communities are better off (outcomes and impact).

Move to PROSPER (MTP) is an innovative program to improve life outcomes for children and their mothers by creating opportunities for residential and financial stability. We do this through temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching that facilitates successful moves to higher resourced communities. MTP was piloted as an initiative of The Ohio State University’s City and Regional Planning program along with community partners. It is now a stand-alone 501c3.

Media Inquiries:

Laurel Rodriguez

Director of Partner Success & Marketing

SureImpact, Inc.


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