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Huckleberry House Selects SureImpact to Increase Overall Stability for At-risk Youth

COLUMBUS, Ohio, January 30, 2023—SureImpact, Inc., an Ohio-based software company, announced today that it was chosen by Huckleberry House to track and measure outcomes for at-risk youth in Columbus, and provide leadership and stakeholders with insights into the impact of their continuum of services.

Huckleberry House’s youth outreach program connects youth in difficult situations with critical resources that address needs such as safe housing, education, mental health, and employment. Their outreach team meets individuals wherever they are, including at school, at community centers, even at public parks to ensure that these youth understand and have access to Huckleberry House’s proven programs that prevent homelessness before it happens.

Sonya Thesing, Executive Director at Huckleberry House stated, “No matter what challenges our youth face, we want to help improve their situation and help them thrive long term. Partnering with SureImpact gives us the tools we need to track outcomes over time and ensure we are creating the maximum possible impact in the lives of these youth.”

Sheri Chaney Jones, president and founder of SureImpact, noted that, “In Columbus, thousands of young people ages 12 to 24 face homelessness and other challenging disruptions in their lives.” Chaney Jones continued, “We are honored to partner with Huckleberry House to increase stability outcomes for youth in our community, and help prove they are better off as a result of Huckleberry House.”

About SureImpact

SureImpact is the only impact management and reporting solution that is specifically designed for social-good providers and their funders. SureImpact combines case management and impact management, helping mission-driven professionals move beyond simply measuring what they did (outputs) to how individuals, families, and communities are better off (outcomes and impact).

About Huckleberry House

One in seven children will run away before the age of 18. Huckleberry House knows this community, and the challenges they face, perhaps better than any other organization. Huck House shelters, supports, and guides youth navigating challenges with hope. Founded in 1970 as a shelter for runaway teens, Huck House works to prevent and end youth homelessness with a teen crisis shelter, a range of housing options in 113 apartments, a youth outreach team, and strengths-based counseling services for youth and families. Learn more at

Media Inquires:

Laurel Rodriguez

Director of Marketing

SureImpact, Inc.


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