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Eight Questions You Should Ask to Increase Engagement with Funders

In uncertain economies, competition increases for charitable dollars from both institutional and individual donors. Funders desire to invest in demonstrate positive community impact. At the same time, limited staffing resources makes fundraising seem overwhelming.

What if there was another way to grow your revenues, without having to work so hard to attract new funding sources? What if you could leverage your existing funder relationships and keep them much longer? What if your funders were increasing their gifts to your organization year over year?

Last week, SureImpact president, Sheri Chaney Jones was joined by fundraising expert, TJ McGovern, president of the McGovern Consulting Group to discuss the future of fundraising and how to use impact data to build mutually-beneficial relationships with your funders.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

· Fundraising trends in 2023

· The gaps between what we want from donors and what they want from us

· Aligning organizational capabilities with donor’s convictions to achieve significant, sustainable, societal impact

· How to ask donors to give through your organization rather than merely to it

· Strategies for leveraging data to demonstrate how you’re driving social change

Also, here are eight questions to ask your funders to increase engagement and strengthen your relationship with them:

  1. How can we be better stewards of your giving?

  2. How can we better demonstrate the impact of your giving?

  3. How does our stewardship compare to other organizations to which you have given?

  4. What has been your most satisfying giving experience and what can we learn from it?

  5. Is there anything would you like us to aspire to that we have not?

  6. What about us has stood the test of time?

  7. As you reflect on the service we provide, what has become passe or outdated?

  8. What is happening in your life that you think we need to catch up on?

We also invite you to register for our upcoming webinar "The Future of Grant Funding." On March 22 at 1:00 p.m. ET, Margit Brazda Poirier, a nationally certified grant professional, will share two decades of experience and knowledge in grant seeking.


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