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Change the world from the insights out.

As social-sector professionals, your charge is to create healthy, happy, communities where everyone has an equitable opportunity to thrive. In our rapidly-changing world, accelerated social change requires on demand access to the data and insights regarding those you serve and your impact.

Make your organization’s impact known.

Articulating your organization’s social impact is a powerful way to instantly engage stakeholders and funders. SureImpact provides the only solution specifically designed for the non-profit sector to capture invaluable insights that can be used to enhance your organization’s delivery of mission-critical services, engage your communities, attract new sources of funding, and increase trust among your constituents. By demonstrating the degree to which you are changing the world, funders and other stakeholders will become even more invested in your cause than ever before.

SureImpact is a technology firm devoted to empowering mission-driven organizations to manage, measure, and communicate their unique social impact. 

For over 20 years, SureImpact’s founders have worked alongside hundreds of social-sector organizations nationwide. During this time, it became increasingly clear that funders are and will continue to make stories of social impact a requirement for all non-profit organizations, government agencies, social enterprises, and collective impact initiatives seeking funding. 


As a result, social sector leadership teams, board members, investors, consumers and countless other stakeholder groups, have also vocalized their concerns about meeting this new demand. Yet, there was no simple solution that took into account all of the various measures these organizations want and need to track.


In 2018, SureImpact set out to become the leading provider of solutions that help social sector organizations navigate the complexities of realizing positive social change. We’re passionate about our clients, their causes, and the communities they serve. That’s why we work tirelessly to develop solutions that illuminate the paths to meaningful change—change that we hope becomes our clients’ legacy. According to Anthony Murphy, AMP Project Manager for Lead the Way Learning Academy "SureImpact is a very beneficial software. One thing I have really appreciated is their team's willingness to contour the customer experience for my specific needs. I would recommend it to anybody." 

Today, SureImpact provides a flexible and customizable, cloud-based solution that connects communities and drives impact. Whether your organization’s funders have specific reporting requirements, or you want total agency over how you tell your social impact story, we can help you easily track, measure, and communicate all of the good work you do on behalf of the communities you serve. 


SureImpact is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Contact us today to learn more.


Our leadership team brings together expertise in research, technology, and the social sector.

Sheri Chaney Jones

President & CEO

For more than 20 years, Sheri Chaney Jones has applied performance management, evaluation, and organization behavior best practices to non-profit organizations and government agencies to improve outcomes and efficiencies.

An author, professor, and internationally recognized expert, Sheri believes in data, metrics, and accountability.

Sheri’s foray into entrepreneurship began with Measurement Resources Company in 2010. Now a national firm, Measurement Resources increases the capacity of non-profit and government sector organizations through high-performance practices and data-driven insights. In 2018, Sheri launched SureImpact to automate and simplify the process of collecting and sharing outcomes and impact data.

Sheri is a thought leader on public sector evaluation and applied organizational research. She is the author of Impact & Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Aligning Mission, Culture, and Performance in Nonprofit and Government Organizations (Jossey Bass, 2014).

Sheri is passionate about women’s equity and the advancement of girls. She is the Columbus Chapter President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a Commissioner for the Columbus Women’s Commission for the Mayor’s Office.

Sheri holds a Master of Arts degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The Ohio State University. Sheri, her husband Matt and their four children live in Columbus, Ohio.

Srini Circle Photo.png

Srini Surendranath

Advisor & Chief Technology Officer

Srini is a customer-obsessed, high-tech leader and innovator who builds strong relationships and partnerships with organizations and individuals. He has proven experience in many facets of SaaS and PaaS technology, customer success, and enterprise leadership. He is also an entrepreneur and advisor to start-up and early-stage businesses.


Srini’s role at SureImpact is focused on advising the engineering, product development, and solutions architecture in an effort to lead the company's continued technology innovation and deliver a unified experience for end-users, administrators, and executive leadership. He brings with him 11 years of experience as Senior Director of SaaS product engineering & sales at Microsoft and 11 years in technical architecture, system integration, and sales strategy at Accenture. 

Srini holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Matt Jones

Chief Operating Officer

In his role as COO for SureImpact, Matt is the glue that helps the company run efficiently and effectively. He is responsible for aligning people, processes, measurements, standards, and efforts related to accounting, human resources, marketing, customer success, and technical support. Matt is also accountable for overseeing day-to-day performance and ensuring all teams work together toward a common vision of continuous improvement.

Prior to SureImpact, Matt served as the COO for Measurement Resources Company, helping it grow to a nationally recognized organizational development and research firm. Matt received formal corporate management training during his ten-year career in operations at Manheim Ohio serving as the Vehicle Inspections Manager and Fleet/Lease Manager. In these roles, Matt learned the importance of having a strong team and even stronger systems. He also has over five years of experience in the technical side of broadcast journalism. Matt graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

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