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SureImpact Leads Data-Driven Change from Ohio to Miami

This post originally appeared on Refresh Miami.

Written by Riley Kaminer

November 21, 2023

There are more nonprofits in the US than ever before. There’s also an incredible need for the services they provide, with rising inequality, a major spike in child poverty, and an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease – just to name a few recent, pressing needs.

But how can these charities measure their impact? It’s a question that’s been on Sheri Jones’s mind for the last two decades as she has helped government organizations and nonprofits do exactly that.

“After helping Ohio save $250M in Medicaid by using data, I questioned why data wasn’t being widely used to solve complex social problems,” she told Refresh Miami.

This epiphany led to the inception of SureImpact in 2018. The startup enables organizations to collect, analyze, and share the data necessary to understand their impact.

“Impact is not just about how many people an organization serves,” Jones asserted. Rather, it’s more about factors of community health such as wage increases, employment, health outcomes, housing affordability, and much more.

“It’s about the changes you’re making in the lives of the people you serve,” Jones added. “That’s the kind of information that SureImpact tracks.”

SureImpact operates with two SaaS licensing models. One assists individual nonprofit providers in managing cases and analyzing data for tangible impact. The other serves funders – government entities or foundations – providing them with a macro view of the collective impact of their investments.

The company spent roughly a year refining its product before launching in March 2020, right at the onset of the pandemic. This timing necessitated a swift pivot in their go-to-market strategy, shifting from pitching on stage to hosting webinars and online training.

Technology is a cornerstone of SureImpact’s approach, with AI integration being a key future development. Currently built on Microsoft Azure’s platform, SureImpact plans to harness AI to deepen the understanding of social impact.

Over 420 nonprofits encompassing 2,000 people currently use the platform.

SureImpact secured a $2M seed funding round in March 2023 and has a team of nine full-time employees, with a growing presence in Florida. Jones moved to Miami to deepen her ties to local organizations that serve the major needs of Floridians.

“Florida and Miami’s commitment to tackling social issues like decreasing poverty and increasing childhood education aligns with our mission,” Jones explained. “It’s a region that has a major opportunity for meaningful change.”

Looking forward, Jones is optimistic about SuperImpact’s role in this positive social change, as they aim to equip nonprofits globally with sophisticated tech tools to address social problems more effectively. “The tech in the nonprofit space is about 20 years behind other sectors,” Jones noted. “We’re bringing the same level of sophistication that we expect from our healthcare providers to the social sector.”

As the giving season approaches, SureImpact stands as a testament to how data can revolutionize philanthropy and social work. It’s not only about how much is given but about the meaningful change that results from each donation. With their innovative approach, SureImpact is poised to make a significant mark on the nonprofit sector – from Miami to the world.

To learn more about SureImpact, check out our quick overview video.


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